Indiana Public Librarian Certification Requirments

What we want to achieve

Librarian certification has been a state requirement for decades. In 2006, the State Library reexaminedthe administrative rule and began a discussion about bringing certification into compliance with the Indiana Code. In early 2007, the State Library held seven town hall meetings across Indiana. It formed a certification task force in the Spring of 2007 which worked throughout the year to develop a recommended rule that was unanimously approved at the final meeting in November 2007. The Indiana State Library then held informational meetings across the state to discuss the taskforce recommendation in December 2007, and continued to attend meetings in the spring of 2008 to inform the public libraries of the proposal of the taskforce. Current Law States:

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Informed Librarian

July 2011 Issue

is a monthly compilation of the most recent tables of contents from over 312 titles - valuable domestic and foreign library and information-related journals, e-journals, magazines, e-magazines, newsletters and e-newsletters.This current awareness service helps keep you informed and abreast of all library trends. It is an easy, timesaving way to tame your professional reading tiger, and is very popular among all types of library and information professionals.

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Employment, Scholarship & Interviewing Tips

Featured sites

There are numerous employment site on the internet. this month's featured website is It has sections on jobs, Blogs, News, infomation on schools, career profiles and a career Q&A section. The Blogs on this site are informational. each blog represents a different point of view, check it out!

Scholarship websites abound on the internet. Show you the money! A number of associations and organizations offer scholarship money for masters and doctoral students in LIS. Denna månad presenterade hemsidan online apotek Sverige. Lär dig attraktiva priser och köpa viagra online medan du är hemma, på kontoret eller på semester. On this site you will find links to MLS Scholarships and fellowships as well as Doctoral scholarships and fellowships for us who wish to earn a Ph.D.

The university of south carolina SLIS website has a fantastic FAQ page of interview question devoted to the library profession. The list is exstensive and provides a wide range of questions. Check it out at you have your next scheduled interview

Legislative News

Indiana Library Federation has a list of priority bills of interest to IBLN. Take a look at these bills to familierize yourself with each.

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Another Library Closes

On July 1, 2011, The Central Falls Free Public Library closed for an indefinite amount of time. Twelve staffers,six part-time and six full-time were laid off. Central Falls is a 1.5 mile square city with 18,000 residents in the state of Rhode Island, and it is often referred to as the poorest city in the state.

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Becoming A Legislative Advocate For Libraries

If you work in a library, chances are you have seen or heard calls for you to become a library legislative advocate. You may have seen e-mails asking you to fill out a web form asking legislators to continue funding LSTA, or you may have recently seen e-mails about USA PATRIOT Act reforms.

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As Wi-Fi havens and E-Book Centers, public libraries Aren't Going away Soon

A new survey by the American Library Association shows that 99.3% of public libraries offer free access to the web even if you don't have a PC and 67% offer e-books. Summer just got a whole lot cooler.

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